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Our team consists of senior online specialists and young talent who work in an inspiring environment. We supply craftsmanship that is still widely accessible and usable years later. Because we know that this way, in the long term, the most sustainable profit can be achieved.

Otto Sybrandi

Otto Sybrandi

Product & Operations Manager


Anytime en Anywhere inzicht in KPI’s

Team Marviq


Jurgen Westerhof

Technical Lead


Paul Jacobs



Joris Hoogenbosch


For the best solutions

If your profession is about smart software, what is wisdom? That is, in short, knowing when the best solution is obvious and knowing when you have to look a bit further. So you need a developer who is not only a good builder, but also a good listener. A collaborator for all the layers of your organization. So you do not have to dive into the code yourself to be sure that you have made the right choice.