A user friendly portal

for all your HR Administration

Eén gebruiksvriendelijk portaal voor alle hr-administratie

The customers of financial services provider Van Eekhout Group are eager to make use of Assusyst. Assusyst is software that allows people to arrange employee benefits. Marviq took care of creating an accessible dashboard for this software.

Client: Assusyst

Request: Make a user-friendly dashboard for the Assusyst application.

Solution: An intuitive portal through which it's clear to the end-user exactly how the portal works. Additionally it must be fully customisable according to the wishes of the end user.

Marviq developed a dashboard for Assusyt.

An intuitive dashboard, as a user you know immediately what to do and where you are in the system.

What do I need to contribute to the retirement or insurance of my employees? What is the status and costs of employee absence in my organisation? Van Eekhout Groep is a financial services provider that, amongst other things, offers support in the area of HR-administration to medium-large companies. Manager director Johan van Eekhout: "Thanks to Assusyst our customers have, from 2018, a portal which offers insight into all their HR-administration. That is efficient and minimises errors. Above all we fulfil our customers wishes to have more control. Currently customers have to first call us to find out HR information. Or they have login themselves to various portals of different insurance companies to find out, for instance, which premiums they have to process in their salary administration".

Van Eekhout set up Assusyst in order to develop a software platform with which to couple all these different portals. Step two was to make an accessible portal for the end user. "This part we can't do ourselves, so for this we engaged Marviq/ They understand the technology and our wishes so that makes the conversation easier. The result? An intuitive dashboard: as a user you directly know what you have to do and where you find yourself in the system".

Assusyst is currently almost ready for end users and the customers of Van Eekhout are eager to use it, says Van Eekhout. "It's logical. It saves a lot of time, minimises the chance of errors and the data is encrypted and therefore safe. Additionally customers get a discount if they use the software because of course it also saves us a lot of time". Colleagues - other financial services providers, are also interested. "I've already sold the first two packages to other companies. As an extra service Marviq can customise the portals to the wishes of our customers"