Insight and oversight within hands reach: Realtime dashboarding.

Realtime dashboarding

Overview and insight in a split second. You achieve that with real-time dashboarding. Where does your organization stand? Where do you have to adjust? On your personal and secure dashboard, you can see how things are going via icons, animations and infographics.

Wherever you want: on PC or mobile.

Transparent and current.

Realtime dashboarding is suitable for integrated or non-integrated financial and sustainability reports. But you can also use them to monitor project progress and make process information continuously available. You can also use realtime dashboarding for daily updates for the board of directors.


About CF Digital

Within CF Digital, Marviq and C&F Report join forces.

C&F Report knows where managements want to direct their organisation and how best to present validated information and visualise it in a brilliant way.

Marviq is the partner for the design, construction and management of high-quality apps and online applications that need to be able to do more than just be smart.

Continuous insight into your KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), which can help you anticipate and steer your organisation? Realtime dashboarding couples with digital business processes and presents up-to-date information in a visually clear and comprehensive style.

That is how we bring together the best of both worlds.

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