Rederij de Jong

Digital administration from ship to shore


The traditionally conservative transport sector is currently undergoing a digital transformation. Focus is mainly on efficiency gains. This also applies to our customers in this sector. To make a quality improvement in this area, a shipping company in Rotterdam Europoort recently asked us to digitise its administration.

Client: Shipping company in Rotterdam Europoort

Question: How do we ensure a timely administration and direct insight into our KPIs?

Solution: Digitising the administration process

Marviq digitized the administration process of a shipping company.

- Direct insight into the KPIs

A reliable administration is preferably digital. Digital administration creates fewer mistakes and has up-to-date insight into the facts. Our customer, a shipping company in Rotterdam Europoort, knows all about it. Until recently, the logbook on inland barges was recorded in writing and telephoned through onto the administration that then processed it in Excel. It took several actions to subsequently extract management information from the system. As a result, the company was always behind in terms of up-to-date information.


We changed that. Since recently, every ship of the shipping company has a tablet. Here all actions are digitally entered directly into the administration system. In addition, all data streams are linked to the KPIs so that reporting information is always available for management at any time with a mouse click or screen touch.