Current insight into your investments


Keeping a grip on your investments and insight into the return is very important for clients of a large asset manager. That is why a large asset manager asked us to build an app for its clients that provides daily insight into their investment portfolios.

Client: Large asset manager

Question: How can we give our customers the best current insight into their investment portfolios?

Solution: A reliable app that gives daily insight

This means that the information that customers see,

is maximum 24 hours old.

When you develop or manage assets, you do that with investments. And then of course you would like to know your portfolio is performing. The clients could already do this via a secure part of the asset manager's website built by Marviq. Customers could then log in and view a weekly update of their investment portfolio via PDF. The asset manager wanted to make the investment results quicker and more attractive.

Marviq went looking for a source of information for data that would be as realtime as possible. We arrived at the - already existing - nightly update in XML format. We then built an application programming interface to use this data for both the website and the app.

What we added to this is an attractive visualization of the data. Now you can see, through attractive graphs an diagrams, exactly how your shares are performing, which types of securities you have, look up information about the underlying funds, and if you have questions you can call your account manager directly from the app. After the initial launch and customers seem to be happy with it. And the asset manager? He is happy to be able to offer his customers this extra service.