Confidence with correct absenteeism data

Zeker van de juiste verzuimdata

A long-term sick employee is annoying enough for the sick person. For the SME employer, the corresponding obligation to pay wages can also mean a financial disaster. No wonder that many smaller companies insure themselves against this risk. To make it as easy as possible for them to pass on the correct data to the absenteeism insurer, Marviq developed an online system.

Client: Large insurance company

Request: Can we make the absence reporting process for small-medium enterprises more simple and automated? 

Solution: An online environment where SME's can quickly register absent and returning employees together with all the relevant information.

Marviq has developed an online platform for sickness or recovery reports.

It is important for the absenteeism insurers to have the correct data. At the same time, SMEs often have little time and capacity to maintain and deliver this data. After all, they often do not employ any HR staff and must ensure that the data provided is correct. For example data concerning salary, employment, age, or address details. It is therefore important to make it as easy as possible for them. In order to meet that wish, Marviq developed the so-called 'click and claim' system.

Within this system, reporting sick is a piece of cake. In addition, the system ensures an automatic reporting to the working conditions service so that they can contact the sick employee. The system also generates absenteeism reports, so that the employer understands and can control absenteeism.


We developed a refinement for this system with the automatic 'translation' and input of employee data from the payroll administration of the employer. And a second innovation came with the automatic calculation of damage from the system, so that the insurer can immediately generate a letter from this system to the insured person in which the right payment is stated. To that end we combined the employee data with the data on the type of insurance and the resulting coverage.