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Within CF Digital, Marviq and C&F Report join forces.

C&F Report knows where managements want to direct their organization and how best to present validated information and visualise it in a brilliant way.
As an advisory and realization specialist in the field of corporate reporting, C&F Report specialises in annual and CSR reporting.
In addition, C&F Report offers strategic advice and numerous additional (digital) services with a focus on financial and investor relations communication.

Marviq is the partner for the design, construction and management of high-quality apps and online applications that need to be able to do more than just be smart.
With the best ICT specialists, Marviq meets the need to make a noticeable and measurable contribution to the business: faster, more efficient, more customer-friendly and more accessible.
Marviq uses standard elements where it is possible, and customization where necessary. This way we always arrive at a total solution that is stable and long-term effective.

Continuous insight into your KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), which can help you anticipate and steer your organisation? Realtime dashboarding couples with digital business processes and presents up-to-date information in a visually clear and comprehensive style.

That is how we bring together the best of both worlds.

Realtime integrated continuous reporting

With a traditional annual report one looks back and reflects. That is important, but the quickly changing society in which we live demands more. Stakeholders expect you to be accountable at any time. Realtime integrated continuous reporting offers you direct insight into your KPI's based on up data. And all done with dazzling visuals and clear oversight, as if the information jumps out the screen. This gives peace of mind, encourages transparency and promotes the company image. Equipped with this tooling you can account to your stakeholders at any time. An additional perk is that when the time comes for the annual report all the work is already done. Producing it happens practically instantly.

Financial monitoring

Large organisations that have a structure with divisions, branches and operating units are especially in need of transparency. Continuous financial monitoring makes it possible to simply visualise complex information sourced from different layers in the organisation. This information is up-to-date and validated, and can be contrasted against set goals and benchmarks whenever you choose. Thanks to continuous financial reporting it's easy to get to the core of the matter during board room meetings. Naturally, the dashboards are beautifully and clearly designed: optimal transparency!

Manufacturing reporting

You've got your production process under control. But despite that you know, or at least suspect, that there are gains to be made in terms of efficiency. But with which indicators can you best direct the situation? Where you need to collect data and how do you transform it into relevant information? Through manufacturing reporting your bring your process into view and gain insight into any discrepancies regarding KPIs. This way you can identify causes, implement improvements and gain performance advantages in the production process. Through sharing the performance information via narrow casting within the factory you immediately engage with employees on the work floor of the production process.

Realtime dashboarding

Overview and insight in a split second. You achieve that with real-time dashboarding. Where does your organization stand? Where do you have to adjust? On your personal and secure dashboard, you can see how things are going via icons, animations and infographics. Wherever you want: on PC or mobile. Transparent and current. Realtime dashboarding is suitable for integrated or non-integrated financial and sustainability reports. But also for making production processes transparent. The information is continuously available in beautifully arranged dashboards. This can be done periodically: per hour, per day, per week, per month, per quarter. An ideal KPIs or PIs steer the direction of your organisation.

Application programming interfaces

Making information out of data, Marviq is an expert in this. This starts with determining the KPIs of the customer: on which information do you want to steer the direction of your organisation? We then develop application programming interfaces: tailor-made software that links different systems. This software makes it possible to unlock the data that is necessary for the established KPIs. To then present that knowledge in an attractive way, we build websites and applications. Long-term thinking and avoiding making things more difficult than necessary is a priority. And that's what our customers appreciate.

Digitization of business processes

The technical connection of validated data and subsequently converting that data into usable management information is our specialty. We do not only connect systems. We also make smart links, for example between performance of manufacturing machines and the weather and who is running the production shift. What does that deliver? Insight into your process and improvement of efficiency. Moreover, we arrange all forms of data security, controls and authorizations, so that you get reliable and high quality output. In doing so, we stay close to your way of working, so that the digital experience always fits in with the (optimal) process of our customers.

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