Airopack Bottlenecks in view

Grip op productieproces

Business is booming at sustainable aerosol factory Airopack. In the start of 2017 the business opened a new factory in Waalwijk. The aim is to realize a capacity increase from 80 million to 840 million units per year in 2018. Airopack Marviq asked several dashboards to provide direct insight into important management information to better manage the manufacturing process.

Client: Airopack

Request: How do we maintain a grip on our new production processes, keeping in mind our goals for growth?

Solution: Dashboards that bring comprehensible management information into view


Marviq developed dashboards that clearly presents management information.

Airopack make so-called ready to fill aerosol cans in their factory with their patented valve technology that works with natural air. The aerosols are used, for instance, for shaving gel giant Gillette. In the factory all necessary components are crafted and mechanically assembled.

There are, however, several bottlenecks. For example, one of the machines is used to make bottles with a capacity of 200 ml one time and the other time bottles with a capacity of 500 ml. There is also a machine for parts that runs so fast that the rest of the line can not handle production when the machine is running continuously.


Airopack wanted more grip on this process and to be able to manage its machines more optimally. To make this possible, Marviq made all data flows of machines and other data sources transparent and converted them into management information via software. As a result, the manufacturer can now assess the technical performance, the production and the supply chain in real time. It is also clear at a glance what the overall equipment efficiency is and what, for example, the percentage of waste products are per production step. It is therefore possible to intervene faster in the production process and to increase efficiency.