Software ontwikkeling in Almere

Agile software development Almere

Marviq consists of a team of experienced ICT professors in the field of Agile software development.

From Almere we take care of the design, construction and management of high quality apps and online applications. We enter into long-term partnerships with our clients so that an optimal return can be achieved from the investment required for the design, construction and management of high-quality apps and online applications. Marviq is convinced that entering into partnerships adds value for both parties, whereby proactive action is taken and, where appropriate, more can be delivered than previously discussed. The use of an Agile method makes it possible to optimally steer towards maximising the business value. After all, the products and services you provide to your customers are unique and your business processes are distinctive.

With a team of experienced software developers, Marviq from Almere develops beautiful applications. Marviq is the partner for the design, construction and management of high quality apps and online applications that should be able to do more than just be smart. Our focus is on developing and managing web applications and making back office systems and dashboards available on various data sources.

The projects we carry out for our customers are focused on:
- Interaction with employees and stakeholders,
- Interaction with customers,
- Simplify processes and transaction systems,
- Dashboarding and data analysis,
- Real-time integrated constant reporting,
- Online Self Service.

Our team consists of senior architects, developers and specialists who work together in an inspiring environment. For the best solutions our team strives to deliver high quality work, so that the solution is durable enough to achieve a long technical lifespan and can be used for multiple business purposes.

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